DJ Chicken Comes For Portable Again; Alleges He Fathered Portable’s First Child

DJ Chicken, real name Ademola Abiodun, has claimed to be the father of singer Portable’s first kid. The DJ jockey revealed the information on Instagram Live, saying the artist had been rearing bastards since they were little. Additionally, he claimed to have bestowed onto the controversial musician the fame and fortune that had brought him to this day.

DJ Chicken, whose real name is Ademola Abiodun, has made waves on the internet by disclosing controversial information about his old friend Habeeb Olawunmi, aka Portable. The DJ jockey claimed to be the father of the controversial singer’s first child in a video that was spotted. Furthermore, he asserted that the singer had been breeding bastards. In the video, DJ Chicken said that the vocalist received the glory that gained Dr. Zeh notoriety and fortune. The media previously reported that DJ Chicken was happy that Portable had not won an award at the Headies a few months prior. Zazzu had reflected on his failures as an artist and as a representative of the street pop genre on Instagram following the award show. Taking advantage of the situation, DJ Chicken attacked the singer, declaring he had seen his share of fame. Along with it, he highlighted his advantages over Portable.


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