“Interesting Approach”- Harry Styles Addresses Chicken Nugget Drama During Performance

During live performances, fans show love to their idols in multiple ways, including throwing flowers at them on stage. Some would just drop letters. But how would one describe throwing chickens? Would that be counted as a symbol of love and appreciation, too?

Anyway, that’s what singer Harry Styles experienced recently during a performance. During his show at New York’s Madison Square Garden, the songster was pelted with chicken nuggets. It was something he had never envisaged.

So he paused and addressed what he described as a “very interesting approach.” He held the piece of chicken for the audience to see. And, smirking, he enquired who threw the chicken at him. Another chicken nugget landed on the stage while he asked the question.

At this point, the audience asked him to eat the chicken, but he declined, noting that he doesn’t eat meat. He picked up the second chicken and observed that it was very cold. He then asked the audience if they wanted the chicken back.

But why would they want it back? Because he doesn’t eat meat. He threw the chicken back into the audience, where it landed on the flood – and no longer healthy for the stomach.

The show continued.

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