Drake Purchases $15M Texas Ranch

Drake’s viral spat with Kendrick Lamar may not have ended as well for him as he would have loved, but the Toronto-born musician still has much going for him. For instance, it was recently disclosed that he spent $15 million on an extensive property in Brenham, Texas. With this purchase, Drake cemented his position as a significant player in the music industry by showcasing his ongoing success and financial stability. He might also feel more alone and removed from the spotlight if he owned a property in Texas. Tonya Currie, the listing agent, says Drizzy was fortunate to find it at the right moment because it’s uncommon.

She told CultureMap Dallas,

“Dos Brisas is a rare legacy ranch property that offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the right buyer, which we were able to find once we listed it bringing the price in line with the market conditions at the time,”

Nonetheless, fans are not unfamiliar with Drake’s relocation to the South. At the Toyota Center, the hitmaker announced the wonderful news to a crowd in October 2023. The move was met with mixed reactions, with some fans excited for new music inspired by the change in scenery. Others expressed concern that Southern hip-hop culture might influence Drake’s sound too heavily.

“I had to make it official first, but I’ve been looking for a long time, trying to figure out the right place for me to live, where I belong outside of Toronto,”

“And I finally, finally after all these years, I found me a place in Houston, Texas. So y’all will be seeing me around.”

This year, the 313-acre ranch—constructed in 2000 as a family getaway—became a resort. Although Drake’s specific move-in date is unknown, some supporters believe it would be best for him to move in sooner rather than later. Many turned up at his Toronto estate in the Bridle Path neighbourhood after his intense lyrical battle with Kendrick. This month, there was another gunshot close to the performer’s house that left one of his security guards critically hurt. These incidents may have prompted Drake to consider relocating to the ranch sooner rather than later for added security and privacy. The resort setting may offer him a more secluded and secure environment away from potential threats.

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