Portable Purchases A Multimillion Naira Mercedes-Benz Following Contract Disputes

The Nigerian street pop musician Portable, whose real name is Habeeb Olalomi Oyegbile, has posted pictures of his brand-new Mercedes-Benz on social media and called it a “tear rubber” model. The artist had already publicly criticized the CEO of Unique Motors for ending his ambassadorial contract when the latter asked for a replacement vehicle.

However, in a rather startling change of events, Portable thanked God for the unexpected miracle that allowed him to acquire the new vehicle. In the hopes that the God of unexpected miracles would favor his followers similarly, he sent out prayers to his followers.

Portable, also known as Dr. Zeh, stressed that he paid cash for the new car. He opened the car door to let everyone see that it was, in fact, a brand-new car, just to prove he was telling the truth. The singer joyfully sung while praising a higher force, claiming that a “big God” had assisted in obtaining the new car.

It’s crucial to remember that Portable bought his most recent vehicle some months after getting into a car accident that resulted in damage to the G Wagon that the CEO of Unique Motors had originally supplied to him in accordance with their contract.

Fans and the general public have responded differently to the news of Portable’s new vehicle, expressing their opinions on the singer’s surprising wealth.

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