Falz Teases Who He Would Like To Settle Down With

Iconic Nigerian rapper Folarin Falana, often known as Falz, sat down for an interesting chat with talk show host, Chinasa Anukam, where he revealed his plans of starting a family.

The rapper tried to dance around a straight answer when Chinasa came at him with a forward question regarding his future plans for marriage. When Chinasa wouldn’t back down, Falz budged but escaped through a comic route.

Playfully turning the tables on Anukam, Falz said it was dependent on her since she is the one he intends to settle down with. Of course, Anukam did not take that seriously, so she coasted along with the cruise, asking Falz when he thinks he would be ready for kids.

After a couple moments of hesitation, the rapper said he would be up for fatherhood in about three years, which Chinasa said she could also work with. Falz also mentioned the number of kids he would be interested in having when he is all set to be a dad.

Furthermore, the rapper asked Ms. Chinasa a similar question, which she politely declined, holding back her answer for an off-cam convo.

Together, they discussed a wide range of topics, including music, football, relationships, Falz’s culinary prowess, his knee injury, the pitfalls of aging, the tattoos he has of his family members, his lead part in the criminal thriller “Brotherhood,” and much more.

Check out the interview in full:

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