Bashir El-Rufai Mocks Rapper Falz for UK Surgery, Falz Responds

In a recent development, Bashir El-Rufai, the son of Kaduna State Governor Nasir El-Rufai, openly lambasted Falz, a well-known rapper and activist, for having knee surgery in the UK. Falz, a well-known musician and vocal advocate for human rights in Nigeria, came under fire from the general public when he decided against having surgery in a local facility.Bashir El-Rufai Mocks Rapper Falz For Uk Surgery, Falz Responds, Yours Truly, News, May 26, 2024

Falz recently disclosed on his official Instagram profile that he has undergone knee surgery in the UK. Falz is well-known for his socially conscious lyrics and activism. He had surgery due to an injury he suffered during a football game last year. Bashir El-Rufai was alerted to the news after it generated a lot of discussions and used Twitter to express his displeasure.Bashir El-Rufai Mocks Rapper Falz For Uk Surgery, Falz Responds, Yours Truly, News, May 26, 2024

Bashir El-Rufai criticized Falz in a series of tweets for going to a foreign hospital rather than the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, saying it was disheartening for a “bona fide human rights activist” to do so. He questioned why Falz would criticize politicians for receiving medical care abroad while he was doing the same. He then accused the rapper of hypocrisy.

“Common knee issue you con japa but if na big politician wey get cancer and e travel to India for treatment, una go create music video dey abuse dem. You want make e die because e be public official? Na him fault say hospital better for yankee? You dey crase ni?” he tweeted.

Falz didn’t remain mute throughout the public humiliation. The rapper responded to his detractors’ desperate attempts to convert his medical decision into a controversy by taking to his Twitter account. Before criticizing his decisions, he advised people to educate themselves on the seriousness of an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) rupture, which was the cause of his knee surgery.

“So pathetic these people are trying sooooo hard to latch on to this knee surgery gist. Eyahhh. Na so una dey desperate for ammunition. Just find a smart phone & google ACL rupture. ODE. The audacity that stupidity gives you sha. Sigh,” Falz tweeted.

This episode has sparked debate once more about the status of healthcare in Nigeria and the rising tendency of people to seek medical care overseas, a behavior that is not just common among entertainers but also among politicians.

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