Fans React To Segun Wire’s Mum Viral Plea Video To Zlatan Ibile

Most artists have been guided by the fact that social media never forgets throughout their careers. Zlatan Ibile is currently in the headlines because prior incidents involving him have come to light once more; this time, it involves Segun Wire.

Fans React To Segun Wire'S Mum Viral Plea Video To Zlatan Ibile, Yours Truly, News, May 26, 2024

A video of Segun Wire’s mother appealing to Nigerian artist Zlatan Ibile to forgive her has gone viral. The older woman is confirmed as Segun’s mother. The woman could be seen in the footage living in a messy space. A little child named Segun Wire rose to fame online a few years ago with his “Mo fe ma chache” slang. The woman in the video is the mother of the little child Segun Wire, who gained notoriety online earlier.

Zlatan used to oversee Segun’s brief internet popularity. The boy’s parents, however, accused Zlatan of stealing from them and abusing their son, which caused a rift between the two parties. The mother of Segun’s viral video received both support and ire from online users. Segun’s mother has not yet received a response from Zlatan since the video was released, though fans continued to be divided on what they think he should do in response.Fans React To Segun Wire'S Mum Viral Plea Video To Zlatan Ibile, Yours Truly, News, May 26, 2024

According to sources, the renowned Nigerian rapper Zlatan Ibile, whose baby’s mother is Davita Lamai, reportedly has relationship issues.
After hearing this on social media, fans looked into the allegations that the pair had broken up. It didn’t help that searching Zlatan’s followers list revealed that he was no longer following his baby mama and that she was also no longer following him.

Since many are anticipating a statement from the superstar regarding these recent incidents that swirl around his name, it remains to be seen how events from this play out.

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