Zlatan Ibile’s Son’s Adorable Bedtime Command: “Daddy, You’re Too Big!”

Renowned singer, Zlatan Ibile, recently posted an endearing video featuring a playful exchange with his son, Shiloh, that has melted hearts across the internet.

In the shared video, the hitmaker behind “4Days In OkoTieeBoh” can be seen attempting to sleep in his son’s bed. As the camera rolls, little Shiloh adorably insists on his father vacating his bed. Zlatan, feigning surprise, asks his son where he should sleep, to which Shiloh suggests that his father move to ‘mummy’s bed’.

Highlighting the heartwarming moment further, Shiloh, using his charming American accent, points out to his father that he is too big for the small bed. The young lad is seen energetically exclaiming to his father to get off his bed.

Zlatan shared this tender father-son moment with his fans, aptly captioning the video: “NO DADDY YOU ARE TOO BIG.” The singer’s post quickly garnered attention and appreciation from netizens, as they found the video endearing and reminiscent of the playful bonds shared within their own families.

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