DDG And Halle Bailey Blasted For The Tiny Space Given To Austin McBroom At Their Mansion

After DDG & Halle Bailey seemed to be covering all costs for Austin McBroom, many have taken offense. In a lengthy Snapchat story, McBroom—better known for being a part of “The Ace Family”—shows himself “moving in” with the musical duo.

Among these was a scene where McBroom seemed to portray his room as nothing more than an inflatable mattress and a mound of clothes. The new parents were quickly accused by fans of being cheap and showing no concern for their visitor.

However, there’s a good chance the picture was purposefully made to be humorous. Naturally, McBroom’s current situation is not ideal. When McBroom and his wife Catherine filed for divorce earlier this month, the Ace Family seemed to disintegrate.

This resulted in an incident earlier this week where McBroom said he parked his RV near his ex-wife’s house and subsequently “alerted” a neighborhood watch.

But in recent weeks, fans have also targeted Halle Bailey and DDG before. Bailey and her equally musical boyfriend went to go rather extraordinary efforts to keep their pregnancy a secret.

This involved a full-blown professional photo session where Bailey’s pregnancy was digitally altered out of the finished pictures. Although Bailey found the entire situation amusing, the fans weren’t as thrilled.

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