Harrysong Appeals To KCee To Return To Him Unpaid Royalties Of 7 Years

KCee, the co-founder of Harrysong’s previous record label, 5 Star Music, has received a plea from his former artist Harrysong, also known as Harrison Okiri, demanding payment for royalties earned over the last seven years.

In a post on his Insta story and X account (previously Twitter), Harrysong urged Nigerians to assist in pleading with KCee to pay him his accrued earnings. According to the Delta-born singer, KCee has been keeping all of the earnings from his hits, including “Reggae Blues,” “Baba for the Girls,” “Samankwe,” “Better Pikin,” “Ofeshe,” among others.

The Alterplate record label head, while pleading with KCee to give him his share of his royalties, calling the singer’s withholding of his royalties unjust, asserting that KCee had been keeping 100% of his share for more than seven years.

In addition, Harrysong also revealed that the musician was a bully with a strong desire for power.

Harrysong Appeals To Kcee To Return To Him Unpaid Royalties Of 7 Years, Yours Truly, News, April 21, 2024

The whole drama began when a public conflict broke out in 2017 between Harrysong and Kcee/Five Star Music, with Harrysong accusing them of unfair treatment, withholding royalties, and imposing creative limitations. He had said he was subject to contractual restrictions and wasn’t getting his fair part of the money from his big hits, just like he is maintaining in his new petition.

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