VerseOne Distribution Collaborates To Adopt AI-Driven Tech For Artist’s Royalties

VerseOne Distribution is happy to announce its strategic agreement with ChordCash, a top platform for giving musicians royalties advances, as a thrilling step to empower and assist independent artists. AI is used to search through all streaming services, and after estimating a musician’s prospective earnings using a number of data points, the value of the artist’s repertoire is computed. Depending on contract length, catalog size, and the number of new releases, advances offered through this agreement can range from $1,000 to up to $1 million per artist. Being free of publishing, touring, merchandise, and other non-digital earnings, these advances offer a special opportunity.

VerseOne Distribution and ChordCash’s partnership seeks to enable independent musicians by providing them with a convenient means of accessing their future profits now. With the help of ChordCash’s cutting-edge royalty advance technology and VerseOne’s vast distribution network, artists can now effectively close financial gaps, promote their careers, and concentrate on making great music. Polycarp Asuquo, founder of VerseOne Distribution, said,

“At VerseOne, our commitment has always been to empower artists and enhance their careers through the globalization of music. This partnership with ChordCash aligns perfectly with our mission, offering artists a flexible and accessible financial solution to support their creative endeavors.”

Through the use of ChordCash’s platform, artists can receive payments in advance for their projected royalties, giving them financial flexibility without sacrificing their ownership or rights. With the help of ChordCash’s state-of-the-art technology and VerseOne Distribution’s wide reach, this partnership seeks to democratize funding access for musicians at every stage of their careers.­

Verseone Distribution Collaborates To Adopt Ai-Driven Tech For Artist'S Royalties, Yours Truly, News, March 2, 2024

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