“I Don’t Want Trouble Maker” – Don Jazzy On Attributes He Looks For In A Woman

Don Jazzy, a seasoned Nigerian producer and owner of the Mavin record label, has shared what he looks for in a partner. The music executive outlined a few characteristics he seeks in a lady during an interview with Nedu Wazobia and his crew for the podcast “Honest Brunch.” Don Jazzy, who rose to prominence online for his fixation on the singer Rihanna, stated that a woman must be understanding and calm before he considers her for marriage.

He claims that one of the major turn-offs for him is immature women who simulate fights with their partners to spice up their relationships. He stated that in such “fights,” things are said that cannot be taken back. Elsewhere in the interview, the label head also revealed that he cannot stay faithful to one woman, especially now that he is still on the “streets.” He disclosed that until he finds the right person, sticking with just one woman would be a tough call.

Don Jazzy startled many in 2021 when he confessed that he had been married, despite having kept his love life hidden from the prying eyes of the media and public. He revealed that, at the age of 20, he wed American model and author Michelle Jackson; unfortunately, the union collapsed two years later.

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