IK Osakioduwa Drags Toke Makinwa While Advocating For Cosmetic Surgeon Award At AMVCAs,

Renowned TV presenter and host, IK Osakioduwa, made headlines during the African Magic Viewers Choice Award (AMVCA) on Saturday night, May 20, with his humorous suggestion that cosmetic surgeons should be acknowledged in next year’s awards. His unexpected proposal left the audience in stitches as he humorously singled out his colleague, Toke Makinwa, for affirmation.

Osakioduwa, always the jester, playfully stated that the role cosmetic surgeons play in enhancing the beauty of actors and actresses should not be overlooked. He suggested that they should have a category dedicated to them, considering the significant impact they have on the entertainment industry’s aesthetics.

“Next year, we have to have a category for cosmetic surgeons who’ve worked so hard to make many of these actors beautiful… it’s not a small deal,” he said, emphasizing the high cost and skill involved in the cosmetic surgery procedures.

In his hilarious address, IK playfully referred to Makinwa, a renowned media personality known to have undergone cosmetic surgery in the past. By turning to her and asking, “Toke, am I lying?” he triggered a wave of laughter across the audience.

IK also touched on the cost associated with cosmetic surgery, comparing the exorbitant prices of the past to the current more affordable rates in Nigeria. “Back in the day, that was like forty thousand dollars,” he noted, highlighting the vast changes in the industry over the years.

His comic proposal and playful jabs at his colleague Toke Makinwa sent waves of laughter through the audience. The joke was not just a humorous moment but also a reflection on the influence of cosmetic surgery in the entertainment industry.

As an iconic TV host, IK Osakioduwa’s humor was not lost on his audience during the AMVCA night. His light-hearted suggestion to include a category for cosmetic surgeons in future awards, while causing laughter, raised the point on the evolving nature of beauty in the entertainment industry and the role that cosmetic surgery plays. It remains to be seen if his joke might prompt serious consideration in future awards.

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