Ikechukwu & Jesse Jagz Show Out On “The Emperor’s Killz”

Ikechukwu and Jesse Jagz were, without a doubt, a part of the movement, which flourished in Nigerian hip-hop roughly between 2006 and 2014. Following their participation in the 2013 “Freestyle For Trace Cypher Pt. 2,” both performers collaborate for the second time after making their debuts in the preceding two decades. Ikechukwu extends his 2023 effort with the hip-hop song “The Emperor’s Killz,” which features Jesse Jagz, the leader of Jagz Nation. Both rappers dropped some of their finest bars on the single, which Haruna Jafar produced.

Ikechukwu has been away from the music scene for a minute now, out there chasing other dreams of his, like enrolling in film school to advance his acting career. Before that, the rapper had been featured in some movies, which may have sparked him to want to improve his acting skills. But now, he is back to his first love, music! Took him long enough. Before ganging up with Jago on the new single, he had dropped other recent singles too.

In 2022 alone, he put out “White Givenchys” and, before that, “Investor,” which features indigenous OG rapper-cum-actor Illbliss. He had earlier tapped Nigerian singer Praiz for “Phenomenal,” which has garnered over 12K plays on Spotify, an encouraging stat for a musician that has been away for so, so long. With Jago on his new single, you bet it will be lyrical flames, so give it a listen today.

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