J Balvin Details His Mental Health Experience

J Balvin has again come out to share his struggles with his mental health with the public. Although already one of the biggest stars in Latin-American music, Balvin has never hidden his struggles from the public.

However, with rare detailing, the artist has shared with the public the details of his struggles. He shared this while speaking with the Wal Street Journal at last Tuesday’s  Wall Street Journal’s the Future of Everything Festival.

In a clip shared by the Wall Street Journal on their Instagram account, the artist expressed his initial surprise at being caught up amidst his struggles. “I never thought that I was going to suffer about mental health. I remember seeing people go to the psychiatrist, and I would be like, ‘Why are they going there? They’re crazy,'” he said.

Speaking on the public perception of people living with mental illness and how it influences the negative perception of the public, Balvin identified stigmatization as one factor that clouded his impression of mental health disorders before now. He was also very critical about how the Latin community has normalized the stigmatization of people like himself in times past.

Describing the balance that he has achieved since his diagnosis, the mental health advocate explained, “It depends on what level you have, but I never thought that I was going to be medicated, which I feel really blessed because I have a way to … you need chemicals to balance your chemicals.”

Following his latest appearance and his composed explanation of his struggles, there is enough indication that the reggaeton singer is now getting better.

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