Ghanaian Pop Sensation, KiDi, Opens Up About His Mental Health

Destigmatizing and prioritizing mental health in the music industry is yielding significant results in Africa. In honor of World Mental Health Day, Ghanaian superstar KiDi spoke with BBC Africa’s Daniel Dadzie on how stardom has affected his mental health. His frank disclosure about how stardom has affected his mental health sends an important message to his fans and fellow musicians.

KiDi had already spoken up about how celebrity and success have led him to struggle. KiDi opened up about his health in a song titled I Lied in April 2023. I Lied is an honest track in which the Ghanaian artist discusses his health problems. He admits to lying about his health and claimed he was fine when he wasn’t.

The composer discusses building a healthy and safe mindset for himself in an interview with BBC Africa’s Daniel Dadzie. The musical phenomenon discussed how everyone, regardless of industry, requires solid support systems.

The Artist of the Year winner at the Ghanaian Music Awards advised himself and other performers to learn to live in the moment. KiDi revealed out about his treatment sessions when asked how he fought to keep his mental health. He also discussed how his family and friends helped him along the road.

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