Jeezy Request For Privacy For Daughter Amid Contentious Divorce From Jeannie Mai

Jeezy filed for divorce from his wife of two years, Jeannie Mai, in September, and their sudden separation surprised their fans. Although the couple had shared their love for each other on social media just a few weeks before, they described their relationship as “irretrievably broken” in the legal documents without providing specific details. This left their supporters speculating about the cause of their split.

While some reports suggest that cheating, fighting, and other factors contributed to the breakup, others indicate that a simple difference in family values was the real reason behind it. Unfortunately, legal paperwork filed by Mai in December seemed to confirm that Jeezy had done something wrong, which he later denied. However, both Jeezy and Mai have stated that their main concern is their two-year-old daughter, Monaco.

Recently, Jeezy took a constructive step to protect their daughter’s privacy, as she is kept out of the drama. In a new motion obtained by Radar Online, the rapper requested a judge seal “sensitive personal and financial information.” He emphasized the importance of keeping details about Monaco confidential. Jeezy believes that the split has only become more contentious, and both parties have been under scrutiny. Thus, he took this step to minimize any negative impact on their daughter and maintain a constructive approach to this challenging situation.

The filing read,

“The parties are both public figures. Since the filing of this action, they and, most importantly, their child, have become the subject of intense media scrutiny and publications in connection with their divorce action that are directly contrary to the best interests of the child,”

“In addition, this litigation is tragically becoming increasingly contentious, and, as a result, it is inevitable that sensitive personal and financial information and information related to the child will necessarily be discussed and disclosed as the parties explore the issues incident to their divorce.”

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