Kiana Ledé & Ella Mai “Jealous” Song Review

Kiana Ledé and Ella Mai's 'Jealous': A Vulnerable Confession on Love and Insecurity

“Kiana Ledé and Ella Mai’s ‘Jealous’ collaboration dives deep into the complexities of non-monogamous relationships”

Kiana Ledé and Ella Mai have collaborated on a new single, “Jealous,” which examines the complex emotions of jealousy in a non-monogamous relationship. VRon produced the single, which was released on April 3, 2023, by The Heavy Group/Republic Records.

Ledé begins the song with candid lyrics about her difficulties with sharing and how she must “practice patience” with her companion. “And I let you do your thing ’cause I’m doin’ mine / I was actin’ like I’m good when I know I’m lyin’,” she sings. The refrain is a soothing buffer between the lyrical gut strikes that follow as Ledé and Mai discuss their possessiveness.

“Don’t make me draw up on you just to make it loud and clear / I know you do this **** on purpose (I know) / Actin’ like you don’t know I’m perfect for ya (Perfect for ya, hey) / Actin’ like you don’t know I’m perfect for ya (Perfect for ya, hey) / Actin’ like you don’t know I’m perfect for ya (Per You said I was your only individual / I’m sorry to say it, but that player **** has to be working, ooh, ah.”

Ledé becomes more assured as she sings about her assets and how she knows they make her companion envious. “I’ve been postin’ pics / Yeah, I’ve been lookin’ thick / Does it make you jealous? / I can’t be the only one,” she taunts.

The two gifted vocalists bring their own experiences to the song, resulting in a raw and relatable look at the many facets of love. The emotions expressed in “Jealous” are universal and will likely strike a chord with many listeners.

VRon’s production complements the track’s message flawlessly, with an R&B beat that sets the tone for the powerful lyrics. Anthony Kronfle, Todd Cooper, and Dave Kutch managed the mixing and mastering, which resulted in a seamless listening experience.

“Jealous” is a must-listen for R&B music lovers. The two gifted artists have combined their voices and experiences to create an emotional and empowering track. Kiana Ledé and Ella Mai are at the pinnacle of their careers, and this collaboration demonstrates their skill and ability to create something unique.

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