JT Of City Girls Does Some Reflection On Her Time In Prison: "It Did Put A Lot Of Fear In Me"

After regaining her freedom from a Florida prison two years ago, JT now reflects on that period of her life during her chat with the Abolition X podcast with hosts Richie Resheda, Indigo Mateo, and Vic Mensa. Yung Miami, the other half of the City Girls, held down the forte while JT was confined behind bars.

JT deemed it fit to share some of the lessons learnt since her release. “I feel like I got better. Going to prison and coming out, gave me more edge, in my music when I rap and in my voice,” said JT. “It did put a lot of fear in me too. It put a lot of anxiety in me. It changed me completely.”

“My whole life, I have always been painted as a rebellious person, and to the point where I started to believe it,” she divulged elsewhere during the chat. “If you always tell me that I’m the problem, I’m going to believe that I’m the problem, so now that I’m the problem, I’m going to be the problem.”

While behind bars, JT added that she felt completely out of touch with everything going on in the outside world, but a fellow inmate came through for her with some kind words of encouragement.

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