Spiritbox “The Fear of Fear” EP Review

The Fear of Fear – EP


  • Genre: Rock
  • Date: 03 Nov, 2023
  • Content: Not-explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 6
  • ℗ 2023 Pale Chord Music, LLC under exclusive license to Rise Records, Inc

Spiritbox’s eagerly anticipated EP, “The Fear of Fear,” has finally been released. Reviving more progressive aspects and djentier textures, the EP moves back towards the era of their singles collection and self-titled projects. Spiritbox’s attention to detail and the overall layering of production on “The Fear of Fear” are what really make this release something you can listen to nonstop from beginning to end.

Not once did one instrumental overshadow the other, each member excelling in their respective parts. This band has distinguished themselves from the rest by focusing on maintaining musical cohesiveness and ensuring that whatever they put out comes as a group endeavor rather than a showcase for just one band member. And being able to give each artist their own limelight, as exemplified in the new EP, truly makes Spiritbox a uniquely inclusive band.

EP Cover Art

Spiritbox &Quot;The Fear Of Fear&Quot; Ep Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, June 14, 2024

A cropped and color-toned photo of a man yelling is used as Spiritbox’s new album cover, indicating a man’s natural response to fear.

Tracks and Features

“Cellar Door,” the first track on the extended play, is not only the most recent release, but it also shows that even with a lot of clean songs under their belt, they can still produce a fast-paced, furious track that is jam-packed with chunky riffs and blastbeats. With an eerie backing synth giving an additional layer of horror to the finished product, lead singer Courtney’s raspy vocals entice us in. There’s a great two-step beat just before the midway point that will have listeners grooving uncontrollably, but Courtney’s relentless growls take center stage with this one, demonstrating her power as an artist.

The EP smoothly shifts into “Jaded,” which has Mike Stringer’s soaring, djenty guitars in the lead role, backed by synths reminiscent of Stranger Things. The lead singer immediately captures our attention with her seductive vocals. Spiritbox is the finest at what they do because of the inch-perfect ebb and flow between their lyrical jams and big hits, and this is just another excellent example of their talent. This song perfectly captures the flair and versatility of Courtney LaPlante’s vocal range. She delivers a masterful performance, fusing her signature guttural screams with exquisitely clear vocals that are so powerful they could break glass.

Soft chords lead the way into LaPlante’s stirring first line in “Too Close / Too Late.” Her calming, lovely cleans captivate next to Josh Gilbert’s basslines, which become increasingly noticeable as the song goes on. A building slow hit with lots of drum fills that give it more punch than you might have imagined. Speaking of the drums, Zev does a fantastic job of enticing you in and bringing us to a moment where the song starts to flow and we can start playing. As Courtney moves aside to let each musician their time, they all put in a great performance together. This is a soft rock hit that will let you take a moment to yourself or catch your breath with the instrumentals.

The last electronic beats usher in “Angel Eyes,” where Courtney’s screams send us straight back into heavy mode with a bassy force that will hit you in the face. You will enjoy listening to this at maximum volume if you enjoy djent, gutturals, beefy guitars, and machine-gun drums. This song seizes you by the neck and demands your whole focus. The vocals are massive, the guitars are commanding, and the overall feeling is thrilling.

It might not be very necessary to introduce “The Void”; the song that built up the long wait for this EP and is still flawless as it was when it was first released in April. It is nothing less than pure genius—bright and dynamic. Last but not least, Spiritbox presents “Ultraviolet,” which is yet another flawless illustration of their broad repertoire.

Spiritbox seems to have saved the best for last—elegant but forceful, breathtaking and audacious—with an electronic undercurrent that elevates LaPlante’s voice to an even higher dimension. Just the last bridge, with its overwhelmingly beautiful tones and LaPlante’s final, tremulous notes, will make you want more.

EP Theme

In “Fear of Fear,” Courtney, the lead singer, and the band are both attempting, from various angles, to rediscover and fully understand who they are.


1 Cellar Door Spiritbox 4:43
2 Jaded Spiritbox 4:22
3 Too Close / Too Late Spiritbox 4:41
4 Angel Eyes Spiritbox 3:28
5 The Void Spiritbox 3:40
6 Ultraviolet Spiritbox 4:08

Production Credits

Daniel Braunstein & Mike Stringer produced the record.


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