Iyanya’s Candid Insights into the Music Industry: A Decade’s Reflection

Unveiling the Unchanged Realities of the Entertainment World

Nigerian music sensation, Iyanya, recently took to his platform to share some candid observations about the music industry. With over a decade of experience under his belt, the artist highlighted several aspects that have remained consistent throughout the years.

  1. Valuing One’s Worth: Iyanya emphasized the importance of setting a performance fee and sticking to it. He cautioned against reducing prices for anyone, as it sets a precedent for future negotiations.
  2. Understanding Relationships: The artist pointed out that those closest to you might undervalue your worth. He humorously mentioned the ‘chairmen’ who’d call just to impress their partners by showing off their connection to the star.
  3. The Price-Stress Equation: Iyanya noted that gigs that pay less often come with more stress. In contrast, those who pay the full price value the artist’s time and effort, ensuring a smoother experience.
  4. Beware of Middlemen: The singer warned of individuals who might hijack bookings to gain a cut from the artist’s fee. Such intermediaries can misrepresent the agreed-upon amount, leading to financial losses for the artist.
  5. Consistency in Agreements: Whether it’s a performance fee or a commission for bookings, Iyanya stressed the need to maintain consistency in financial agreements.
  6. The Power of Live Music: While DJ backing tracks are popular, Iyanya is a firm believer in the magic of live music. He urged artists to demand live bands for their performances, emphasizing the unparalleled energy they bring.
  7. The ‘Honorarium’ Trap: Iyanya advised against accepting what some term as ‘honorariums’. He believes it’s better to perform for free than to settle for such ambiguous compensations.
  8. The Perception Game: Interestingly, Iyanya observed that artists with a ‘mean’ demeanor often command more respect than their calmer counterparts. He attributed this to the principle that scarcity fuels demand.

These insights provide a rare glimpse into the intricacies of the music industry. While the glitz and glamour are often at the forefront, Iyanya’s reflections highlight the challenges and decisions artists face behind the scenes. As the industry continues to evolve, such candid revelations are invaluable for upcoming artists and fans alike.

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