Seyi Vibez Joins Exclusive Audiomack’s Billionaires Club

Seyi Vibez debuted with the hit single “Chance” in the latter half of 2022, catapulting him into the public eye and setting the stage for a successful run that brought him from relative obscurity to stardom. Seyi Vibez has now surpassed one billion streams on the music streaming service Audiomack, which is yet another impressive accomplishment. Thanks to this accomplishment, the Ikorodu-born musician joins Grammy-winning megastar Burna Boy as the second Nigerian artist to surpass one billion streams on the platform.

Seyi Vibez Joins Exclusive Audiomack'S Billionaires Club, Yours Truly, News, May 21, 2024

Seyi Vibez enjoyed buzz on Audiomack, the preferred streaming service for fans of street music, before becoming well-known. Street performers like Bella Shumurda and Seyi Vibez have benefited from Audiomack’s early success, mainly because the freemium streaming service allowed users to listen to their favourite artists’ music for free. This exposure on Audiomack helped Seyi Vibez and Bella Shumurda gain a loyal fan base and expand their reach beyond the streets. As their popularity grew, they were able to attract attention from record labels and secure lucrative deals, further propelling their careers in the music industry.

Seyi Vibez Joins Exclusive Audiomack'S Billionaires Club, Yours Truly, News, May 21, 2024

Seyi Vibez released his debut album, “Billion Dollar Baby,” in November 2022 and followed it up with the deluxe edition after becoming widely successful. Seyi Vibez surprised audiences in 2023 with his impromptu releases, releasing an EP and two albums two weeks apart. His Audiomack numbers increased due to the volume of his releases and his rise to fame, which enabled him to surpass the billion naira mark.

This accomplishment is consistent with Seyi Vibez’s broad fan base, primarily made up of non-urban listeners and boasts a sizable following, demonstrating his appeal and popularity across different demographics. This accomplishment further solidifies Seyi Vibez’s position as a diverse and widely loved artist.

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