Kizz Daniel Confirms Fatherhood To Three, Cancels Wedding Plans with Fiancée

From Celebrating Fatherhood to Navigating Relationship Changes

Nigerian music sensation, Oluwatobiloba Daniel Anidugbe, popularly known as Kizz Daniel, has recently made headlines with significant personal and professional revelations. In a candid interview with American On-Air-Personality, Angela Yee, the singer disclosed the arrival of his third son, adding a new chapter to his journey as a father.

Kizz Daniel, who first gained prominence under the guidance of Emperor Geezy, the founder of G-Worldwide Entertainment, welcomed triplets Jamal, Jalil, and Jelani in 2021 with his then-fiancée. Tragically, they lost Jamal just four days after birth. The identity of their mother has been kept under wraps, adding a layer of mystery to the narrative.

In a surprising twist, Kizz Daniel revealed that his plans to marry his unidentified fiancée have been called off. His cryptic response to questions about the engagement was, “What? Jesus is Lord and God will always remain on the throne.” He further added, “Nothing happened. Life happens…O yes, my kids are happy. My kids are good and healthy.”

Despite the personal upheavals, Kizz Daniel’s professional life continues to thrive. He recently announced the appointment of his former G-Worldwide label boss, Emperor Geezy, as the new CEO of his record label, Flyboy Inc. This strategic move is expected to bring new dynamics to the label and the music industry at large.

Moreover, Kizz Daniel continues to excite fans with his music. His recent single, ‘Shu Peru’, produced by Rewardz Beats and mixed and mastered by renowned LA-based engineer, Jaycen Joshua, has been well received. His previous hits, ‘Buga’ and ‘RTID’, topped charts for weeks, demonstrating his consistent ability to create captivating music.

However, amidst the applause, there’s room for constructive criticism. Kizz Daniel’s decision to keep his personal life shrouded in mystery has sparked mixed reactions. While some fans respect his privacy, others express concern about the potential impact of his personal decisions on his music and public image.

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