According To Davido, His Name Has “Opened Doors” For His family

Davido, a Nigerian singer, has about the same influence as his billionaire father, and the DMW boss mentioned it in an interview. The singer claimed that his name, Davido, had opened many doors for his family that his father’s wealth could not. Money isn’t everything in life, in his opinion.

Davido continued by saying that his family benefits from his fame even though they never imagined he would go on to become such a massive star. However, not all internet users were impressed when the interview video appeared online. Some people claimed Davido spoke too much.

Still on family, Davido admitted that his billionaire father, Adedeji Adeleke paid him to return to school. The “Unavailable” crooner revealed this in a recent interview. The singer claimed he initially stopped attending school and even ran away from home. However, after his father offered him a favorable deal, he was eventually compelled to return and finish his education.

Davido’s father agreed to build him a top-notch studio and give him money so he could film music videos on the weekends in exchange for him going to school from Monday through Friday. Look at a sneak peek of the singer’s recent interview below.

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