Michael Blackson Flaunts Expensive Attire In Kizz Daniel’s Trending Challenge

The Comedian Reveals Astonishing Price Tags in the Google Assignment Trend

In a recent trend set by Nigerian musician Kizz Daniel, celebrities and fans alike have been showcasing the cost of their outfits and possessions. The trend, known as the Google Assignment challenge, has seen many participants, but none as flamboyant as the American-based Ghanaian comedian, Michael Blackson.

Michael Blackson, not one to shy away from the spotlight, took to the challenge with gusto, displaying his lavish lifestyle and the price tags of his attire and accessories. In a video that has since gone viral, Blackson is seen dressed in a striking pimp pink jacket paired with tight leather trousers of the same hue. To complete his look, he donned a feathery pimp pink cap. The comedian disclosed that the jacket alone set him back by GH¢ 30,000. But the revelations didn’t stop there. His black Louboutin sneakers were priced at GH¢ 18,000, and his African-themed chain boasted a whopping tag of GH¢ 500,000.

Beyond his outfit, Blackson also showcased other luxurious items in his possession. His gold tiger ornament was revealed to cost GH¢ 25,000, and his unique pimp cup was priced at GH¢ 5,000.

The video has since garnered a myriad of reactions from fans and followers. While some were left in stitches by Blackson’s unique sense of humor, others expressed astonishment at the high price tags of his possessions. Comments ranged from humorous takes on Blackson’s pink attire to genuine surprise at the cost of the items.

In related news, Michael Blackson has been making headlines for more than just his participation in trends. Earlier this year, he commissioned an ultramodern school complex in his hometown of Agona Nsaba. Aimed at improving the quality of education in the region, the school is set to cater to the less-privileged children in the community and its surrounding areas. Blackson’s commitment to giving back to his community was evident when he expressed his desire to uplift the educational standards in the Central Region.

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