Kodak Black Tries His Luck With Kim Kardashian By Attempting To Shoot His Shot

Kodak Black desires nothing more but to make Kim Kardashian his new bae.

Despite her ongoing divorce proceedings to finalize her separation from Kanye West, the “Tunnel Vision” rapper attempted making a swift move on the legally-approved single beauty mogul. Kodak, on Monday, posted a recent photo of Kim getting her figure-hugging outfit adorned with yellow caution tape for a Balenciaga fashion show, together with a photo of himself on the side, also covered in caution tape.

“You Need A Real Ni**a Out Dat Pompanoya Bae,” he wrote in the caption. “Ain’t Even Gone Play 😈 Real Gangsta @kimkardashian.”

Hastily, fans dove in the comment section to forewarn the rapper of what he stands to face should he choose to still continue down that dreaded Kardashian path. Some even went as far as asking the rapper to take the post down, as they wanted no Skete 2.0 situation happening, knowing the eviscerating lengths Ye can go to clown any man messing with his women.

This wouldn’t be Kodak’s first stunt. Yak has also tried to shoot his shot with other famous women in the past, including Zendaya, to whom he dedicated a poem, and late Nipsey Hussle’s wife, Lauren London.

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