Tina Knowles Lashes Out At Online Accusations Of Beyoncé “Lightening Her Skin” For The Renaissance Film Premiere

For her Renaissance film premiere, Beyoncé wore her hair in a light hue, which is also sometimes dubbed platinum or even silver, depending on how the light captures the shade in the camera.

For her film premiere, Beyoncé seemed to appear a tad lighter in skin tone than usual, which set off a storm on the internet, as trolls and online critics have been accusing Bey of skin bleaching.

Catching wind of this, the singer’s mother, Tina Knowles, rushed to Instagram to clarify that her daughter’s skin tone appeared somewhat lighter due to her hair and reflective clothing, rather than an attempt to utilize makeup or skin bleach to “appear white.”

Tina Knowles Lashes Out At Online Accusations Of Beyoncé &Quot;Lightening Her Skin&Quot; For The Renaissance Film Premiere, Yours Truly, News, May 21, 2024
Beyoncé At Her Beyonce Renaissance World Tour Concert Film Premiere. Photo Credit: Mason Poole

Knowles also posted a fan-made montage that she discovered, which displayed how Beyoncé had always had light brown complexion and has never shied away from asserting her black heritage.

The message in the shared video seems to contrast Beyoncé’s premiere appearance with clips of the singer over the years, synced to her song “Brown Skin Girl.” Tina Knowles went ahead to send an intense cautionary message in her post’s caption for anyone who would foolishly judge her daughter’s appearance.

Many of Knowles’s followers wholeheartedly agreed with her statements, pointing out that skin naturally absorbs and reflects light differently depending on its surroundings and that maybe the “lightening” effect in the picture is really an outcome of a bright flash on Renaissance’s “chrome carpet.”

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