Lady London Unveils “S.O.U.L” – A New Musical Journey

New York's Rising Talent Drops a Zodiac-Inspired Album That's Written in the Stars

New York’s rising star, Lady London, has officially released her latest collection of music, “S.O.U.L,” through High Standardz and Def Jam Recordings, now available for listeners.

The album delivers a diverse mix of 13 tracks, each showcasing Lady London’s versatility and raw talent. In the standout song “D.R.U.N.K.,” she delivers deeply personal lyrics with a touch of intoxicating honesty. The collaboration with Tink on “Way Too Much (Pisces)” offers a compelling dialogue, with sharp insights woven into the music. “Kall Me” features a dynamic exchange with Omeretta, leading to a memorable chorus that speaks to the complexities of relationships. In “Indecisive,” Lady London’s rapid-fire verses flow over a simmering beat, capturing the essence of uncertainty, while the closing track “Close To Me” highlights her vocal range set against a backdrop of lush production.

The album’s release is accompanied by a new music video for “Do Something,” featuring Jeremih, which portrays a steamy narrative set against a domestic backdrop. The single has already made waves, amassing significant streams and earning praise from critics for Lady London’s commanding delivery.

“S.O.U.L,” an acronym for “Signs of Universal Love,” is a concept album executive produced by Lady London alongside Jeremy “J Dot” Jones. The tracks are woven together with an astrological theme, exploring human nature and relationships through the lens of the Zodiac.

Preceding the album, Lady London’s “Yea Yea,” featuring Dreezy, and “Pop Ya Shit” have both garnered attention, with the latter achieving millions of Spotify streams and critical acclaim, hinting at Lady London’s potential to leave a lasting mark on the music industry.

Lady London’s journey to this point has been unique. With a background that includes a BS from Howard University and a Master’s from USC, she chose to pursue her passion for music over a career in medicine. Her engaging social media presence, particularly her “Lady Londays” freestyle series, has captured a significant following and the recognition of industry icons.

S.O.U.L Tracklisting:

  1. Intro
  2. D-R-U-N-K
  3. No Time ft. B-Boy Stance
  4. Way Too Much ft. Tink
  5. Yea Yea ft. Dreezy
  6. Stubborn
  7. Kall Me ft. Omeretta the Great
  8. Do Something ft. Jeremih
  9. Act Like You Know ft. Capella Grey
  10. Safety Net ft. Brooke Valentine
  11. Indecisive
  12. D4M ft. Mila J
  13. Close


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