Tems Tells Kendrick Lamar About The Artist Who Influenced Her Musical Journey

Tems, a Grammy-winning singer from Nigeria, spoke candidly about her early musical inspirations during an interview with well-known American rapper Kendrick Lamar. The singer admitted that she had always enjoyed listening to the radio, and at that time, she had been a fan of the multi-award-winning singer Celine Dion.

I was an extreme introvert when I was younger. I didn’t really talk much. My mom’s friends would be like, “Yo, Temi, come take a picture,” and I’d just turn around. I’m not sure when the first time I heard music was, but I found myself loving the radio, and I used to hear Celine Dion. Nigerians love Celine Dion. Her songs are very emotional, jump-off-a-cliff type songs. They entered my soul. I think that’s where my love for music started…”

Tems also acknowledged the difficulties and demands that come with newfound fame, underlining the need of keeping true to oneself. Recognizing the weight that success may bring, Tems discussed how she manages the expectations that come with her burgeoning stardom. She explained that she concentrates on her own expectations and personal improvement rather than adhering to external judgments.

Maintaining self-confidence in the face of scrutiny, she believes, is vital. Tems compared her approach to that of animals at a zoo, using a natural metaphor. She refuses to change her essence to fit external demands, just as zoo animals do despite being monitored. She feels that sincerity fosters a true connection between her art and her audience.

Tems also provided helpful advise to both fellow artists and fans. In considering the essence of an artist’s journey, she underlined the importance of remembering why one began in the first place. Beyond the desire for fame and recognition, Tems emphasized the significance of staying connected to the larger goal of sharing stories and messages through music.

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