Lola Young’s New Musical Journey: “My Mind Wanders And Sometimes Leaves Completely”

The South London Singer/Songwriter Unveils Her Latest Project

South London’s own Lola Young has released a brand-new project, “My Mind Wanders And Sometimes Leaves Completely,” marking a significant milestone in her musical journey. The project, which is out now via Day One / Capitol Records, showcases Young’s raw and honest sound, a testament to her unique musical style.

The project’s new single, “Revolve Around You,” is a prime example of Young’s distinctive sound. The track is accompanied by a music video directed by Pavillion Works, featuring a captivating performance from Young as her lyrics take center stage.Lola Young'S New Musical Journey: &Quot;My Mind Wanders And Sometimes Leaves Completely&Quot;, Yours Truly, News, May 22, 2024

“My Mind Wanders And Sometimes Leaves Completely” signifies a new era for the 22-year-old artist. The project sees Young exploring new depths of her creativity while staying true to her South London roots. Young’s passionate vocals blend seamlessly with her casual wit and frankness, providing an insightful and genuine experience for her fans.

The project is the result of Young’s collaboration with notable producers and songwriters such as Malay, a favorite of Frank Ocean, Cass Lowe, known for his work with Tinashe and Ray BLK, and Jim-E Stack, who has worked with artists like Charli XCX and Caroline Polachek.

Speaking about the project, Young said, “It’s my journey towards being a woman and figuring out who I am. It’s almost me talking to myself, addressing the difficulties you go through growing up, your insecurities.”

The project opens with the previous single, “Stream of Consciousness,” taking listeners on a thoughtful exploration of Young’s mental processes and emotions. Tracks like “Annabel’s House” and “Pretty In Pink” showcase Young’s vulnerability, with both piano-led ballads delving into the complexities of love.

While ballads are a significant part of Young’s music, her love for old hip-hop and UK rap is evident in tracks like “Money” and the viral hit “Don’t Hate Me”. The project concludes with “Chill Out,” a self-reminder for Young to ease her mind and let go of occupying thoughts.

With themes of love bombing, gaslighting, body image, and depression, “My Mind Wanders And Sometimes Leaves Completely” is a deeply connecting coming-of-age record that resonates with the youth of today and beyond.

Lola Young – My Mind Wanders And Sometimes Leaves Completely Tracklist

  1. “Stream Of Consciousness”
  2. “Revolve Around You”
  3. “Annabel’s House”
  4. “Semantic Satiation”
  5. “Pretty in Pink”
  6. “Money”
  7. “What Is It About Me”
  8. “Black Cab”
  9. “Don’t Hate Me”
  10. “Chill Out”


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