Lil Wayne Speaks On Mistreatment By Staff At Lakers Game

During his weekly appearance on UNDISPUTED, Lil Wayne detailed the mistreatment he experienced at the Lakers game last night. Wayne recounted that while trying to return to his seat, a staff member rudely instructed him to use another entry point. However, Wayne returned to the same staff member, not wanting to disturb other fans via the other exit. He disapproved, stating that the staffer’s frustration at his return was entirely out of line. Wayne also noted that he felt the staffer’s tone was disrespectful and unprofessional.

Furthermore, Wayne revealed that he was only present at the game as part of a brand deal and had no intention of causing any trouble. However, the incident left him feeling disrespected and unwelcome. The rapper expressed his disappointment with the Lakers organization for allowing such behaviour from their staff. The incident came to light when Lil Wayne tweeted about his experience on game night.

Wayne tweeted,

“Wow! Got treated like sh-t at the Laker game just now but I figured they’d do me that sooner or later either bc of what i said abt AD or simply bc they don’t fwm which I been got that vibe from em as well so all good I get it. F-ck em. It isn’t what it isn’t. I’m used to it,”

During an interview with Taylor Rooks of Bleacher Report, Wayne expressed his desire for Ja Morant to be the NBA’s face after LeBron James retires.

“To me I think the obvious answer is Ja,”
“Because the NBA is entertainment. What I mean by that is there was always a Michael Jordan, just like, you know like God. You gonna watch these Atlanta Hawk games just to see what Dominique, just to see if he gonna get ’em one off. I’m going to watch these Portland games to see if Clyde gonna get him one. Ja’s teams are actually competitive when he’s there and he’s doing his thing,”

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