Mohbad’s Sister-In-Law Expresses Concerns About The Late Singer’s Family Squabbles Over His Properties

One month has passed after Mohbad’s passing. His sister-in-law paid tribute to him on Instagram on this mournful day and reflected on the month that has passed since his tragic loss. She posted an Instagram story where she expressed her emotions and ideas to the whole world.

She expressed grief that their son Liam had entered his sixth month of life in the month following Mohbad’s passing in her message. She wished Mohbad’s soul peace and comfort with the Creator as they lamented his departure. Then, she posted a shocking comment to her Instagram story.

She explained that while Mohbad’s wife, Wunmi, is still grieving and taking care of their infant Liam, other family members have gotten into arguments about Mohbad’s property. She expressed her concern that they would make negative remarks about Wunmi on the internet while acting uninterested in the wealth of the late artist.

The communication from the sister-in-law ended with an air of anticipation. When the time was right, she said, Wunmi would stand up and reveal the untold tales and experiences that had taken place behind closed doors.

She also asked that at this trying time, everyone remember Wunmi in their prayers and thoughts. A few weeks previously, Mohbad’s wife consented to a DNA test for her son in response to claims that she had slept with Sam Larry.

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