Young Thug Reportedly Granted Temporary Jail Release To Mourn Late Sister

Young Thug has been imprisoned for almost a year, but he was allegedly given a “quick release” to grieve for his deceased sister. According to numerous social media accounts, the rapper was reportedly permitted to see his older sister Angela Grier, who passed away last month.

Young Thug Reportedly Granted Temporary Jail Release To Mourn Late Sister, Yours Truly, News, February 28, 2024

“They permitted Lil Jeff to visit his sister,” according to a tweet from a lady who is thought to be Mari Mego’s mother, Thug’s daughter. According to the same report, Thug appeared outside the prison dressed in a suit and Air Force 1s.

It seems that Thug did not go to the funeral and instead had a private viewing of his sibling. The lady responded, “It wasn’t the funeral,” to a fan account that claimed Thug attended the funeral.

Angela Grier, the sister of Thug, passed away last month, according to her sisters, who posted condolences online. Grier had a video call with her sibling from behind bars just before she passed away. Since his capture in May 2022, Thug has been imprisoned while he waits for his YSL RICO case trial.

The high-profile trial’s jury selection is ongoing; it might not start until later this year. A prospective juror was recently given a three-day jail sentence by the case’s judge, Ural Glanville after she was discovered recording the jury selection procedure on her phone. When a prospective juror failed to attend her required jury duty, Glanville found her in contempt and punished her by making her write a 30-page essay.

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