Emeka Ike Opens Up On How He Dealt With Allegations And Loss Of Properties During Divorce

Nollywood legend Emeka Ike detailed the difficult phases of his divorce wife Suzanne Emma in a candid interview on Channels Television’s Rubbin’ Minds. He provided precise specifics of the experience.

Emma’s claims of constant abuse led to their 14-year marriage being dissolved by a Lagos Island Customary Court in 2017. Ike revealed that he was unable to openly answer the charges because of the subsequent online bullying and social media scrutiny, which ultimately caused him to suffer significant financial losses.

The actor, who was obviously affected by the ripple effect of the loss, which included the closure of St. Nicholas College, his secondary school, a sizable investment worth more than N480 million, talked about its devastating effects on his life and mental health.

In a moving narrative, Ike described how family members bowed before the judge, pleading for the marriage to be saved. Ike was taken aback by Emma’s insistence on getting a divorce despite their best efforts to make their union work, making him wonder what the rationale behind her decision could be.

The actor also talked about influences of an outside factor, implying that his ex-wife might have been forced or tricked into getting a divorce by unidentified parties. Here’s an excerpt from the interview which clarified the many difficulties, psychological cost, and complexities that surrounded Emeka Ike’s path during this turbulent time in his personal life:

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