New Sarz Single ‘Happiness’ Sees Gunna And Asake In Collaboration

The heavyweight Nigerian producer Sarz unleashed another thrilling masterpiece called “Happiness.” It features a powerful global collaboration between American rapper Gunna and Nigerian vocalist Asake. As a prelude to Sarz’s upcoming album set to release in early 2024, “Happiness” promises a high-octane audio experience that will leave fans wanting more. The single sets the perfect tone for the album, opening with a joyful and celebratory mood that perfectly captures its title. Sarz’s previous successful collaboration with Crayon and Skrillex on the song “Yo Fam” demonstrated his multifaceted talents as a producer and curator of musical collaborations, and this is no different. With the forthcoming album, Sarz promises a musical journey that transcends borders, and “Happiness” serves as a tantalizing taste of what’s to come, spreading the infectious joy that music can uniquely deliver.

In addition to the auditory experience, Sarz has unveiled plans for a vibrant visual accompaniment to ‘Happiness.’ The music video, directed by the talented Edgar Esteves, promises to be a spectacle of colour and creativity. A sneak peek into the video’s set was shared by Sarz on Instagram, featuring the trio of artists—Sarz, Asake, and Gunna—heightening anticipation for what is bound to be a visually striking complement to the already captivating record. Asake and Gunna, representing their respective genres, contribute their unique styles to the track, showcasing the diversity and richness of their talents. Sarz’s adept production skills serve as the glue that binds these chart-topping artists together, resulting in a song that not only captivates the listener but also sparks excitement for the collaborative magic they’ve created.

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