Nicki Minaj Announces Second North American Leg Of “Pink Friday 2” Tour

The Pink Friday 2 world tour by Nicki Minaj is one of the most extensive tours of 2024 thus far. It began with a run through North America back in November. The concerts provided nightly news for the people she was on stage with. Instead of selecting a series of opening acts, she decided to have a different celebrity guest in almost every location. Now that the tour is underway on its European leg, it is selling out gigs independently. She has successfully sold out more than thirty arena events. She has been adding gigs in new places to top off her incredible run. These additional shows have been met with overwhelming demand, further solidifying her status as a global superstar. Fans can expect an unforgettable experience at each stop on this record-breaking tour.

Indeed, one of her most significant additions has just been made. Nicki said that when she returns from her international trip later this year, the second leg of the tour—which spans North America—will begin. For admirers of Nicki who missed her the first time, it’s a very thrilling possibility. Not only have the dates and places of the shows not been confirmed, but also the number of additional shows she will play. Although the tickets won’t go on sale for a few days, fans can register for the pre-sale now, according to Minaj. More information is to be announced soon.

Earlier this week, the “Pink Friday 2” tour’s European leg began with another sold-out event in Amsterdam. After a brief stay in the UK, Minaj will make her way across Europe and return to the Netherlands the following month. Midway through July, in Belgium, the trip will come to an end. Nicki took a break from her tour earlier this month to attend the MET Gala this year. Her clothing complemented the garden atmosphere of the occasion.

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