Naira Marley Shares How His Father Shaped His Ability To Speak Yoruba

The self-described “King of Afrobeats,” Naira Marley, said in a special interview that his father brought him up in London with a strong emphasis on retaining his Yoruba traditional background and language. He claimed that in order to keep him close to his roots and native tongue, his father insisted that he speak Yoruba.

Marley’s flawless Yoruba speaking abilities, which he expertly blends into his music, are a direct result of his father’s strict upbringing. Notably, he published the Yoruba-only song “Aye,” which demonstrates his dedication to using his artistic expression to further his cultural identity.

Naira Marley, a London native of Nigerian and British descent, discovered her love of music at a young age. He made his debut in 2019 with the song “Marlians.” Naira Marley’s musical approach has won recognition for his contagious melodies and social message that gets people thinking. Numerous awards, such as the coveted Headies Award for Best New Act in 2019, have honored his talent and influence.

Marley also mentioned that he wanted to play football. As a child in London, England, Naira Marley recalled playing for the Arsenal youth, Millwall, and Charlton teams. He added that he could have become a footballer instead. According to Naira Marley, his upbringing encouraged him to include Nigerian culture everywhere he could.

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