ONF Ready For North American Leg Of 2024 ‘Spotlight’ Tour

Fans of K-pop boyband ONF are in for a treat as the band has announced the North American leg of their much-anticipated 2024 tour, called ‘Spotlight’. The tour will feature several concerts across Canada and the US and will be a perfect opportunity for fans to catch the band live. The announcement was made on April 13, 2024, by ONF and tour organiser J&B Entertainment, sending fans into a frenzy. The tour is set to take place from August to September 2024, and the band has plans to make their mark in several cities across North America. ONF’s ‘Spotlight’ tour will kick off in style with a grand concert in Toronto on August 16, 2024. From there, the band will head to Montreal to perform their second and final Canadian show. The following stop will be in the iconic city of New York, where fans can expect to see ONF perform some of their biggest hits.

The US leg of ONF’s tour will take place in August 2024 and feature several concerts in cities nationwide. Fans in Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas and Denver can look forward to a mesmerising performance by the band. The shows will include some of their most popular songs and tracks from their latest mini-album, ‘Love Effect’. The highly anticipated ‘Spotlight’ tour will conclude with a final concert in Los Angeles, California, on September 1, 2024. Fans in the City of Angels can expect a show to remember, as the band promises to leave no stone unturned to deliver a performance of a lifetime.

Although the venues and ticketing information for ONF’s ‘Spotlight’ tour are yet to be announced, fans can rest assured that they will be updated soon. It’s worth noting that ONF played three shows in Canada earlier this year as part of their 2024 ‘Be Here Now in Canada’ tour. The tour featured Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal concerts from February 2024 to March 2024. ONF’s ‘Love Effect’ mini-album, released in October 2023, marked the band’s highly anticipated comeback. It was their first release since all six boyband members were discharged from the military. Fans across North America, especially Canada and the US, can’t wait to experience the magic of an ONF concert and eagerly await their turn to catch the band live on stage.

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