Rumors Circulate As Nicki Minaj Is “Seen Arguing” With Hairstylist Backstage During “Pink Friday 2 Tour”

Nicki Minaj commemorates the return of her beloved Pink Friday series with a follow-up and a series of concerts. The Pink Friday 2 World Tour, which the iconic Trinidadian femcee started in early March, is presently underway. Reviews for the album were divided when it was released in December of last year. Barbz, though, will fully back all of her work; you know that. Nicki Minaj and a hairstylist appeared to be having some problems with the tour. Nicki Minaj allegedly dismissed the hairstylist on the spot during the incident. Reactions from fans were divided; some thought the diva had overreacted, while others supported her. Fans nevertheless look forward to the following performances and cheer on their favourite musician despite this setback.

TMZ Hip Hop reportedly obtained photo evidence of the intense backstage exchange. How serious it got is difficult to establish because the shot is from her show in Seattle last night, March 10, and it is somewhat fuzzy. But it’s clear from Nicki’s posture and body language that the rapper was a little irritated with the hairstylist. It’s unclear what happened between Nicki Minaj and the hairstylist because she hasn’t addressed the matter yet. Fans are eagerly following the scenario. These could have been the result of other production-related problems. According to reports, there were problems with the outfit, which may have included her famous wigs. The media contacted Nicki but hasn’t responded or talked about it.

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