Nigerian Celebrities Respond To Burna Boy’s Claim That Afrobeats Lacks “Substance”

Notable African music superstars have all weighed in on Burna Boy’s interview, in which he explained what Afrobeats meant to him. Following a recent interview with Apple Music ahead of the release of his album titled I Told Them, prominent Nigerian rapper Burna Boy stated that Afrobeats are about nothing and lack substance, prompting reactions from Nigerians and even celebrities.

Pheelz, a music artist and producer, came to social media to express his thoughts on Burna Boy’s comments, and he expressed his displeasure about it.

Bizzle Osikoya, a music executive, also reacted to the interview, stating that Nigerian artists should undergo training to better their contact with overseas media in order to avoid saying things that would be perceived as concerning.

Bankuli, a Grammy-nominated performer, also expressed his dissatisfaction with the statement in several posts on his social media account.

Music critic Joey Akan expressed his surprise and displeasure with the singer’s statement, explaining that the concept of ‘substance’ is actually subjective because Afrobeats has evolved from what it was in the past, with artists now focusing on addressing various issues such as depression, anxiety, and many more on their projects.

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