Davido’s New PUMA Collection Is Recreated By Aba Boys, And Fans Respond

Nigerian Afrobeats artist Davido is a Grammy nominee whose international reputation and influence have made him a catchall term for achievement. The musician recently made an unusual announcement about the debut of his new apparel line with the world’s largest sports retailer, PUMA. The news stunned the entertainment business and got everyone talking about Davido’s most recent endeavor.

The partnership will surely be a success, given his rising profile and sincere love of fashion. However, a replica of the pattern appeared days after the debut of his new range. Local marketplaces in Nigeria and other African nations are overrun with imitated designs, which have elicited conflicting responses.

Davido'S New Puma Collection Is Recreated By Aba Boys, And Fans Respond, Yours Truly, News, May 21, 2024

On the one hand, several people have voiced their dissatisfaction that these products have already been copied illegally and are available for purchase. As a result, intellectual property rights are violated, and Davido’s talent and labor of love are being taken advantage of.

On the other hand, some contend that imitations put the original design in competition, which might eventually work to Davido’s advantage. Social media users were astounded by how quickly the replicas were made and responded to on Twitter. Some users found the situation funny, as it was already anticipated before OBO’s official launch of the new PUMA partnership collection. Here are a few reactions from the fans.

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