Omah Lay’s “Soso” Brings In Over A 100M Views On YouTube

A major turning point in Omah Lay’s career has been reached as the music video for his hit song Soso has amassed over 100 million views on YouTube, just two days after fans expressed concerns over the Nigerian musician’s mental health.

This past week, Omah Lay—real name Stanley Omah Didia—made headlines owing to his struggles with mental health and the release of the music video for “Holy Ghost,” another one of his great songs.

His music has received recognition for its distinctive fusion of modern sounds and traditional African rhythms, which has made him a popular choice for international artist collaborations. In addition, Omah Lay recently acknowledged that he has been unmarried for a while and said he is content with the independence that comes with being single.

The artist made a point of explaining that he remained single because he intends to maintain his concentration on his music career, which demands commitment, time, and a great deal of personal sacrifice.

Omah Lay’s increasing popularity and the compelling appeal of Afrobeats around the world are demonstrated by Soso’s success on YouTube. With the continued growth of Afrobeats, more artists will definitely be hitting comparable milestones on YouTube.

As a force to be reckoned with in the worldwide music industry, the genre’s cross-continental connections and capacity to unite people through music have led to artist nominations for iHeartRadio and Grammy Awards.

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