“One Dance” By Drake, Wizkid And Kyla Crosses 3 Billion Spotify Streams

Drake, the legendary Canadian hip-hop artist, celebrated the incredible achievement of his hit song, “One Dance,” reaching three billion streams globally on social media.

The record-breaking accomplishment is evidence of the song’s lasting appeal and the influence of its featured musicians, Nigerian music icon Wizkid, on a global scale. “One Dance,” which was released in May 2016, quickly rose to fame by fusing Dancehall, Afrobeats, and Pop components into a cohesive musical experience.

With Wizkid’s distinctive vocals and a sample of Kyla’s 2008 hit song Do You Mind, the tune turned out to be a game-changer for both Drake and Wizkid. Drake shared a touching homage on his Instagram Story, featuring a snapshot of a close buddy congratulating him on his latest accomplishment, to honor Wizkid’s crucial role in the song’s popularity.

He thanked Wizkid on his Instagram story for being a key contributor to the project’s success. He also gave props to his in-house producer and business partner, OVO40.

&Quot;One Dance&Quot; By Drake, Wizkid And Kyla Crosses 3 Billion Spotify Streams, Yours Truly, News, April 17, 2024

The announcement that One Dance has received 3 billion streaming coincides with a string of successes for Wizkid, whose discography is still doing quite well on the charts. It’s very obvious what Starboy has done for the African culture and Afrobeats in general, having started to push for international recognition for the genre before it even became a wild global phenomenon.

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