Omah Lay’s Debut Album “Boy Alone” Garners Over Half A Billion Spotify Streams

The ‘Boy Alone’ album by Omah Lay, the Afrobeats phenomenon, has received over 530 million Spotify plays.

Together with the deluxe edition of the album, boosting the plays of original version, Boy Alone has amassed over 530 million listens, according to Wetalksounds, marking an amazing milestone. With this achievement, he is now ranked ninth out of all Nigerian musicians with over one billion Spotify plays.

Omah Lay, a well-known Afrobeats artist, is very approachable since his songs explore his own life experiences and give listeners a sense of his genuineness.

The term “Afro-depression” has been applied to this link to real-life situations, not because the songs are depressing, but rather because of their sincere and honest expression. The 2022 release of the deluxe edition of the ‘Boy Alone’ album features 20 soulful melodic tracks.

However, in more recent events, the singer revealed in an interview with Beat 103.6 FM that the album is an ode to his feelings, signaling a change in his approach from being a vibe generator to an artist who openly examines the concerns, fears, and underlying mental weights of the world.

In addition, Lay also dropped a teaser for his new single, revealing a little clip from the highly awaited song in an Instagram Live session with the fans.

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