The Celebration: Spotify To Celebrate Over 13 billion Afrobeats Streams On Platform With Inaugural Event

With talented performers like Ruger, Fave, Shallipopi, Bloody Civilian, and SARZ, Spotify hosts the exciting “The Celebration” event in Lagos. “The Celebration,” hosted by Spotify, promises to be an electrifying event that aims to celebrate the genre with incredibly talented performers such as Ruger, Fave, Shallipopi, Bloody Civilian, and SARZ. Attendees can expect a night filled with unforgettable music and performances that showcase the vibrant music scenes of Afrobeats.

The Afrobeats celebration is an invitation-only affair. The streaming service boasts over 200 million paying subscribers and wants to commemorate Afrobeats’s achievements over the years, including having been streamed more than 13 billion times on Spotify alone in 2022. For users to follow the development of afrobeats through time, they have also launched the tracking portal Given that they are commemorating Afrobeats, it makes sense. This exclusive event aims to honour the artists, producers, and industry professionals who have contributed to the global success of Afrobeats. It provides a platform for networking and collaboration among key players in the Afrobeats scene, fostering further growth and innovation in the genre.

Make sure to reserve your spot by RSVPing through the link in Spotify’s bio if you want to attend this unique celebration of Afrobeats and groove to the music of Ruger, Fave, Shallipopi, Bloody Civilian, SARZ, and more. It’s an opportunity to experience the colourful energy of Afrobeats and participate in significant moments in music history.

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