Over Jack Harlow’s “First Class” Instrumental, Armani White Performs A Freestyle To Thunderous Applause

Rapper, Armani White, is back and winning hearts with his scorching hot bars over Jack Harlow’s “First Class” instrumental. He spat flames into the microphone while a woman wearing a hoodie that was a similar color to his stood directly behind him braiding his hair. He had headphones over his head and long braids that were decorated with white beads.

Armani left everyone in the room in shock with the brilliance and fluidity of his freestyle and how effortlessly he delivered it, from what can be seen in an Instagram post uploaded by RapTV. Naturally, the comments section erupted with appreciation for the rapidly-emerging rapper.

Musician, Tylayaweh, commented, “Gassin,” alongside fire emojis, while another user remarked: “The first time in a while rap posted a freestyle and it actually sounded good.” In the same line of praise, another user wrote, “Bro went OFF and that beat sounds like one to flow on.”

After releasing the ideal summer song, Armani White gained interest from both record labels and the internet. The song, “BILLIE EILISH,” served to propel the rapper to a new level with its catchy beat-drop and insightful lyrics.

“BILLIE EILISH” has amassed over 60 million views across music streaming services since its May 2022 début, with at least 41 billion views coming in from TikTok. Later, in late July, White signed with Def Jam.

Check out the freestyle below.

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