Paramore Say First Grammy Wins Serves As Reminder For More ‘Inclusivity’ In Rock Spaces

After being together for 20 years, Paramore finally achieved a significant milestone by winning two Grammys on Sunday for their album ‘This Is Why’ and its title track, respectively. The band was ecstatic and took to social media to thank their fans for supporting them throughout their journey. ‘This Is Why’ is the band’s sixth studio album, released in February last year. It was a massive success, debuting at No. 2 on the Billboard 200, making it their highest-charting album in nearly a decade. After the release of ‘After Laughter’ in May 2017, which debuted and peaked at No. 6, ‘This Is Why’ was the band’s first album. Their previous album, the self-titled ‘Paramore,’ released in 2013, debuted at No. 1 on the April 27, 2013-dated list, making it their last album to achieve that feat.

The group began their message by saying,

“First off, infinite thanks to our fans, our team and the voting academy for making This Is Why such a moment for us, 20 years into our career. Our band won two Grammys last night, sitting together in Zac’s living room, dressed in our regular clothes (yes, we saw the empty red carpet meme),”

“Turns out, our win for best rock album was a historic feat as we are the first female-fronted band to every take home a trophy for this category. Ridiculous yet true! It’s an honor for Paramore to be a small but constant reminder for people to keep pushing these rock and alternative spaces to be more inclusive.”

“Some of you will know that This Is Why was our last album for our deal with Atlantic Records. To finish anything well is something to be proud of. Thank you to anyone who supported the ethos of Paramore as much as the music.”

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