Portable Criticizes Zinoleesky’s Ferrari Car Purchase

Street Rapper Portable Questions Zinoleesky's Family Commitments Amidst Lavish Spending

Portable Omolalomi, has publicly criticized fellow singer, Zinoleesky, following the latter’s acquisition of a 2014 Ferrari 458 Spider worth N149 million. Portable expressed his disbelief at Zinoleesky’s extravagant spending while his family reportedly struggles with poverty.

Zinoleesky, who recently made headlines for his heated feud with Seyi Vibez, splurged millions of Naira on the luxury car. This action triggered a wave of reactions, including a scathing comment from Lil Smart, who mocked Zinoleesky for flaunting what he referred to as “another daddy’s car.”

Portable joined the chorus of voices criticizing the singer, expressing his disbelief in a recent video. In the video, he highlighted the apparent disparity between Zinoleesky’s ostentatious displays online and the reported poverty his family is said to be facing. He stated, “You buy car dey oppress, have you taken care of your home? You get car but your family dey suffer. You’re enjoying foreign life in local. These kids are local without a level. They don’t know the law; they’ve forgotten home.”

The video has since sparked mixed reactions on social media. While some users agreed with Portable’s sentiments, others advised him to avoid meddling in Zinoleesky’s affairs. Amidst the controversy, it is clear that Zinoleesky’s recent purchase has stirred up a debate about the singer’s priorities and the responsibilities he holds towards his family.

In the caption of the video, Portable, also known as Ika of Africa, wrote, “Tomorrow Na Market Day Make He No Be Like Say I No Do Woto Woto. IKA Talk Ika Understand.” This cryptic message has left fans and followers speculating about the ongoing feud and its potential implications.

As the controversy continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how Zinoleesky will respond to the criticism and whether this incident will impact his public image and career.

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