Lil Durk Flaunts New White Ferrari He Just Purchased In Cash

Lil Durk just purchased a new, clean white Ferrari and is showing off for all who care to see, saying he paid for the luxury sports car in full!

The Chicago rapper had previously expressed his need for “a Rari, all cash” on his IG Stories, tagging car dealership, Road Show International, and writing, “asap, asap.” The rapper took to his Instagram page to flaunt the new vehicle being added to his fleet of luxury cars. Durk added that he paid for the expensive new asset with cash and also in full. Not a cent owed.

“I really paid all cash for dat n****a I’m good,” Durkio captioned the picture of himself striking a pose in front of the Ferrari, with two middle fingers in the air.

Him showing off his new car came after the rapper had announced the due date for his new album, “7220”, to be on February 22nd, same day Kanye plans on releasing Donda 2.

“My album drop same day as YE 2/22/22,” Durk tweeted. The project will mark the rapper’s first full-length project since his joint collaboration with Lil Baby on last year’s The Voice of the Heroes, while also serving as a follow-up to his sixth studio album, The Voice, released in 2020.

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