Michael B Jordan Cleared In Ferrari Crash Investigations

Recently, there was an investigation into a Ferrari incident involving Michael B. Jordan. On December 2, Jordan’s Ferrari collided with another Hollywood, Los Angeles, vehicle. However, the driver’s identity and responsibility for the accident were unclear.

According to the Daily Mail, the Los Angeles Police Department reviewed a video that showed Jordan’s Ferrari hitting another car. TMZ also reported that Jordan’s car was allegedly racing with another Ferrari before the driver lost control and crashed. However, the video failed to provide any conclusive evidence as to who was driving the car at the time of the crash. It also didn’t indicate whether Jordan had exceeded the speed limit, which would have resulted in his being charged with street racing, a misdemeanour offence. It was also speculated on social media that the actor was probably drunk or on drugs, which made the case more enjoyable for the authorities, who launched investigations into what transpired that night.

The LAPD eventually had to close the case due to the lack of evidence. Jordan was cleared of any wrongdoing in connection with the incident. It’s worth noting that street racing is a serious offense in California and can lead to hefty fines, the impounding of vehicles, and even imprisonment. After the incident, the owner of the second Ferrari involved in the accident, Tensi Angel, came forward and shared his version of the events. Angel claims he had no ties to Jordan’s car and was unaware of the accident behind him. He also insisted that neither he nor the other driver were involved in street racing. Jordan has not publicly commented on the incident.

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